Benefits for owners

The style of living in the mountains has changed, from what was once simple and traditional, today the owners in Vorarlberg like to go for luxury, like in the Chalet GM above. The question is what you like, because the economy in the Alpine region is not in “shrinking mode”. Holiday properties in Vorarlberg are in demand more than ever, not least because the dream of owning a home in the mountains is still affordable here.

So it’s no wonder that more and more so-called city dwellers are moving into a second home in the Alps? According to many studies, these are also extremely valuable economically. Of course, such second homes also cause problems: the infrastructure of the villages often reaches its limits and for many locals owning a home becomes too expensive. The latter usually ends with emigration to so-called tourist-free regions.

Another side effect of second homes is the fact that the living space created is often only used by its owner for a few weeks a year and is therefore empty for the rest of the year. So-called “cold apartments” often do not provide a harmonious appearance of a village and make it appear empty and deserted.

Second home - a lucrative business model

In many cities, renting second homes is prohibited by law. Taking Berlin as an example, potential living space can only be rented out as a holiday home if there is an exceptional permit, which is only granted in the rarest of cases. To the annoyance of the owners who have invested and made business plans for many years to come. Many city tourists would prefer a light-flooded, lovingly furnished apartment to a sterile hotel room.

In the Alpine region, the situation is somewhat different. A used holiday home provides the municipality and above all the tourism industry with welcome additional beds, especially in the months with a high level of tourist traffic. Of course, and it must also be said at this point, the prerequisite for this is that you – as the owner in Vorarlberg – decide to rent the property to constantly changing guests in addition to your own use. From a strategic point of view, this decision is extremely lucrative and sustainable in many respects. Both for the landlord and for the respective municipality, which quantifies your annual success in the number of overnight stays achieved. Even in the so-called mid-season, when you can literally hear fox and hare saying good night, the demand for living space is very high. Not least because many hotels and private homes are closed during this time. Holiday apartments are in high demand and renting them out ensures consistently good and sustainable returns.

Who rests rusts

Vacant buildings lose value very quickly, they are often insufficiently heated or ventilated and thus gradually deteriorate. Bad odours, mould, brittle rubber parts and seals in the water pipes (to name just a few) are often the effects of an unfortunately underused holiday home. The time in which the apartment is unused leaves its mark, or perhaps better and more aptly expressed – who rests, rusts.

A good step into the future - Make connections

Market your apartment at the highest level in a region that is second to none. Become part of a rapidly growing economic sector and benefit from our experience.

Owner in Vorarlberg - and what next?

A number of questions remain unanswered for the time being:

You are the owner in Vorarlberg - you retain control

You tell us when, at what price and under what conditions we may rent out your holiday home for you. Of course, we are also happy to take into account and organize your own occupancy at any time.

We will be happy to advise you at any time so that your home is presented in the right light.

You will not incur any additional costs for our comprehensive service. Our fee is calculated from a percentage share of the respective rental income by the holiday guests.

For the final cleaning of your apartment after it has been occupied, we only work with leading cleaning companies. This is the only way we can be sure that your home is always in the right light and that the holiday guest will be happy to come back to you in Vorarlberg at any time.

Personal contact with you is very important to us. We are happy to competently take care of your questions and concerns in every phase of your project.

How to reach us

AAA-Appartments GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 10
6700 Bludenz (Vorarlberg)

Mag. Mario Greber
Prokurist Michael Beck
Tel. +43 5552 20420

Welcome to the A-Appartments!

Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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