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Vorarlberg’s cuisine is part of the Alemannic area. It is strongly influenced by the neighboring cantons of Switzerland, St. Gallen, Appenzell and Graubünden, as well as by Upper Swabia. The Vorarlberg cuisine is closer to these neighboring countries than the cuisine of the eastern federal states of Austria: cheese and cheese products play a major role in the preparation of the dishes. Livestock farming is practiced in Vorarlberg, but this is mainly used for milk production. Dairy products therefore characterize the original cuisine of Vorarlberg.

Nevertheless, the internationally known Austrian pastries, such as the Kaiserschmarren or the apricot dumplings, as well as the boiled fillet and the Wiener Schnitzel are now hardly missing on a menu in Vorarlberg.

In addition to visiting one of the diverse restaurants in Vorarlberg, we offer you the option of hiring a chef through the A-Apartments. The range of prepared dishes extends from the rustic Austrian buffet to the toque and/or star chef. So you get exactly the culinary delights that sweeten your holiday in the Austrian Alps.

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We are also happy to organize exclusive wine tastings, beer tastings, cigar tastings and cheese tastings for you. Of course, preferably with a national focus.

If you don’t want to cook one evening, but still want to enjoy the exclusivity of your chalet/holiday apartment or holiday home, there is a wide range of takeaway food from a large number of restaurants in Vorarlberg in addition to the private chef.

Käsevariaton aus dem Bregenzerwald

Our apartments for connoisseurs and gourmets with an in-house restaurant

Caution: Some of these restaurants are only open seasonally, i.e. in the winter season (from Christmas to the end of March) and the summer season (from the end of May/beginning of June to mid-October).

Laden Frau Kaufmann (c) Roswitha Natter

Further recommendations for gourmets

In Vorarlberg, visitors experience the creative art of cooking in the region, which relies on local ingredients. The unique philosophy of these chefs is shared in fun cooking classes where those interested can hone their skills.