Sports enthusiasts and lovers of exercise

Vorarlberg is a true Eldorado for sports enthusiasts and lovers of exercise. There are countless sports facilities and opportunities for free development throughout the state.

As A-Apartments, we offer you the right training partner, teacher and guide for your holiday. We can muster a tennis instructor from Wimbledon, golf pros, tennis instructors, tennis sparring partners, football coaches, mountain guides, hiking guides and private ski instructors. We have the right partner or even professional for every sport.

For sports-loving golfers

we offer the following options:

Golfclub Brand

For tennis cracks

Tennis cracks don’t miss out in Vorarlberg either. Several sand courts and a hard court are available outdoors free of charge. But even if the weather doesn’t play along, or you’re actually here mainly for winter sports, Vorarlberg can come up with indoor places.

Our possible support for your game progress:

Other sporty companions for sports enthusiasts and lovers of exercise

Schnupperklettern in Brand
Segwayfahren im Brandnertal

Equipment rental for sports enthusiasts and lovers of exercise

Rental of all kinds of sports equipment / sports equipment, … also in the holiday home or chalet on site.