Montafon museum world

For those interested in history, the museums in the Montafon are an ideal place to spend the day. Here you can learn a lot about the historical background of the region and gain some impressions of the past of the valley. The Montafon has many exciting stories to tell. Beginning with the Montafon tourism history, to the origin of the legends and stories, you will get to know all these stories here.

One of the oldest museums in the Alps - Montafoner Heimatmuseum

The Montafoner Heimatmuseum, which is located in Schruns, gives you a look at interesting objects and collections from the region. The building, which dates back to the late Middle Ages, has been a place since 1906 where various finds and rare plants, animals and minerals are exhibited. In the meantime, the museum has gradually been filled with historically valuable objects over the course of the century.

Have you ever wondered what an old school class in a village area looked like back then? Which famous personalities lived in the Montafon back then? What implements were used in agriculture 100 years ago? All of these questions will be answered during a tour of the time-honoured building. Nowhere else will you get such a detailed insight into Montafon folk art as here. Changing special exhibitions can also be seen there again and again.

Montafoner Heimatmuseum Abend © Montafoner Museen (c)Toni Meznar
Tourismusmuseum Gaschurn Stube

Journey into the past - Montafon Alpine and Tourism Museum

You can walk through a historically authentic Montafoner house in the Alpine and Tourism Museum, which is located in the middle of the picturesque mountain landscape in Gaschurn. You will feel like you have stepped back in time to the 19th century. The history of tourism is presented here in detail.

The architecture of the old Walser house with its former residents, the priest, the alpine pioneer and the church musician is particularly impressive. In addition to the permanent exhibition, special exhibitions are also regularly offered.

The world of mining

The mining museum in the Silbertal is particularly interesting for families with children, because here the explorers can explore the museum independently and solve puzzles. At the end there is even a little surprise as a reward.

Whether old or young, this museum has something for everyone. The main theme is the mining of the 15. and 16th century. Amazing artifacts and historical written sources are on display. You can also make a detour to the historic mine at Bartholomäberg afterwards.

Bergbaumuseum Silbertal Heimatschutzverein-Montafoner Museen
Fruehmesshaus Bartholomaeberg Montafon Tourismus - (c) Patrick Säly


This building was built in the Baroque period and is located in the center of Bartholomäberg, with a particularly beautiful panoramic location. The house has been in use as a museum since 2009. But what does early mass actually mean?

At that time, the morning massor was the second priest in town who had to say the first mass of the day. This took place in this house hundreds of years ago. For a long time, the early morning mass house was the central meeting place for the village community. In this museum, the baroque architecture of the Alpine region as well as the furniture from this period can be viewed.

More insights into the changing exhibitions of the museums can be found here:

Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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