Wonderful hiking trails

A hike in the Montafon offers beautiful paths and paths with a picturesque view and fairytale places. There are numerous wonderful hiking trails that can be walked in this valley, as the region has 267 hiking routes.

A day hike or even a multi-day hike, which can be combined with a larger hiking route, opens up the opportunity to admire many beautiful places, plants and natural phenomena. To make your choice a little easier, we have summarized the most popular routes for you here.

Hut tour in the Montafon

The hut tour is an unforgettable experience for all hikers and nature lovers. The tour extends over 13 sections and leads through the breathtaking landscape of the Montafon. The U-shaped route starts in Schruns, leads through the picturesque Rätikon, Silvretta and Verwall mountain ranges and ends in Latschau. This multi-day hike covers 130 kilometers.

The round goes like this:

From the Silbertal you hike to the Wormser Hütte, from there you continue to the Neue Heilbronner Hütte, then to the Silvretta Bielerhöhe. From there you continue to the Wiesbadener Hütte through the Ochsental, past the Silvrettasee, further through the Klostertal, the Verhupftäli, along the Litzner Sattel to the Saarbrücker Hütte. The glacier world is your constant companion there and sure-footedness is required. From there it goes on to the Tübinger Hütte to Gargellen and from Gargellen you hike to the Tilisunahütte. It continues along the Bilkengrat. Especially in this section, the panorama is extremely breathtaking. From the Lindauer Hütte you continue to the Totalphütte, where you have a wonderful view of the Lünersee, one of the largest lakes in Vorarlberg. We continue to the Douglasshütte and the Heinrich Hueter-Hütte. This route is pleasant and not too steep, perfect for enjoying the surrounding scenery. Finally, the high mountains are left via the Montafon landscape with the lush alpine meadows to the Golm. From there you can take the Golm cable car to Latschau.

Tipp: Due to the high demand, it is advisable to book the sleeping places at the respective huts early enough.

Wandern im Montafon_Alpgues Rundweg c Stefan Kothner - Montafon Tourismus GmbH
Wandern am Erlebnisberg Golm

From the Golm to the Lünersee

On this route you can see the Zimba, also known as the “Vorarlberger Matterhorn”, from all sides. At the latest when you have seen the flora and the view of the Lünersee, you know that the hike was definitely worth it. This route is almost 12 km and you should reckon with 5.5 hours walking time.

From the Kristberg to the historic mine

The St. Anna tunnel is in a special location, namely in a mining heap landscape that fascinates many hikers. Arriving at the show mine, you can see the remains of a bygone era. The route leads from the Kristberg to the Fritzensee to the historic mine and finally to the Bartholomäberg church. This route is almost 9 km and you should reckon with 3 hours walking time.

Kristbergbahn (c) Patrick Saely
Wiegenseeweg (c) Andreas Thaler

Themenweg Wiegenseeweg

You can enjoy a unique landscape on the way to Wiegensee. The raised bog landscape is a breathtaking sight that is sure to be remembered. With its extraordinary pine moor forests, the blanket moor and the Wiegensee, a breathtaking backdrop was created as a result of the last ice age. Incidentally, the Wiegensee is one of the oldest natural reservoirs in the region and, together with the surrounding landscape, is part of a protected natural area.

Panorama hike Rätikon

The tour starts at the Alpengasthof Rellstal and leads through fairytale alpine meadows. We continue over the Verajoch in the direction of Lünersee, which with its special color is a very popular photo motif. It is not uncommon for the local inhabitants, namely the lovely marmots, to be encountered here. This route takes about 5.5 hours.

These are other breathtaking hiking routes:

Rätikon gsl tourismus gmbh (c) Stefan Kothner
Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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