Kneipp therapy - the “original“ form of wellness

Kneipp therapy (hydrotherapy) is the most natural form of wellness, in a way, the “original“ form of wellness. After long hikes or relaxing walks, before or after a meal, Kneipp therapy always unfolds its positive effects.

Kneipp therapy

The treatment process, which is named after Pastor Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), includes water applications, active plant ingredients, and recommendations for exercise and nutrition. These can be used both preventatively and to treat existing diseases (curatively). “Kneipp therapy” activates and strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, harmonises and strengthens the vegetative nervous system. Its balancing effect on breathing, heartbeat, circulation, blood pressure, metabolism, heat balance, digestion and the nervous and endocrine systems are undisputed. Ice-cold, pure spring water revives your spirits.

Eine Frau ist beim Kneippen
Brandnertal Sommer Kneippen

Kneipp facilities in Brand and Bürserberg

Both in Brand and in Bürserberg there is a Kneipp facility which is freely accessible:

In Brand, the Kneipp facility is located directly at the Alvierbad bathing lake in the center of Brand. After a long hike or a relaxing walk, you can swim, play beach volleyball and all this in combination with the original wellness.

The Kneipp facility is located in Bürserberg on the Tschengla high plateau, just a few minutes from the Tschengla hiking car park. There is even a special dog Kneipp pool for four-legged friends!

Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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