Icefall climbing in Brandnertal

Climbing on frozen waterfalls, i.e. ice fall climbing, is one of the supreme alpine disciplines, as a large number of different requirements have to be mastered. The combination of objective dangers, complex safety technology, high physical exertion and large use of material makes ice fall climbing not exactly “suitable for mass sports” – and yet: Although climbing in the glassy vertical requires a lot of effort and is not for people with weak nerves and sensitive toes, it enjoys steadily increasing popularity.

The special climbing experience in the ice fall climbing area Flurschrofa

Where the water usually roars over the rocks, blue ice shimmers on the rocks in winter. The Brandnertal on the north side of the Rätikon is the showpiece of ice climbing, also known as ice fall climbing, in western Austria. More than 30 ice and mixed routes from easy to extremely difficult are here in the smallest of spaces. Climbing friends are offered a unique challenge here: ice climbing! A special highlight for extreme climbers.

We hardly need to point out that “extreme” really means “extreme” here and cannot be compared to the extremely high caffeine content of a Red Bull can.

Better suited for families and still extreme, namely extremely casual, is the Husky Experience at Husky Toni.

Eisfallklettern Schuh


The start is at the Innertal car park at the end of Brand. The car can also be parked here. The Flurschrofa ice climbing area is located along the Schattenlagantweg, starting from the Innertal.

Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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