Archery in the Bregenzerwald - of sport, hunting and Zen

Originally one of the oldest forms of hunting known to mankind, archery in the Bregenzerwald focuses on a sporty and playful aspect. Various options are available to you on several 3D facilities and hunting courses, such as the 3D archery course in the Bregenzerwald activity center in Schnepfau. There you will not only receive a thorough introduction to the art of traditional archery, but you can also rent the appropriate archery equipment.

Learn archery in Riefensberg

With the right posture and shooting technique, you can go “hunting” on a short or long hike through a 3D practice course with bow and arrow. You will find relaxation and excitement at the same time at the beautiful shooting ranges, which are located in the wildly imposing landscape, next to changing distances and lifelike animal replicas. Archery on a course in the Bregenzerwald is a special experience in terms of landscape, because narrow, jungle-like forest areas can be found here as well as loose stands of large trees and wide, open areas.

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Mann mit Bogen in der Hand am Zielen
Mann am Bogenschießen in Natur Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

Archery in Andelsbuch

Bows, arrows and arm guards can be hired at the Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald in Schnepfau. Competent trainers first offer an overview of the history and material science of bow and arrow. Then, when aiming at targets, the feeling for posture, shooting technique, aiming and letting go is conveyed. Then it’s off to “hunt” with bow and arrow on a 3D practice course in the forest near Gasthof Ritter. The skills learned are implemented in a tournament on various 3D targets. The entire activity takes about three hours. It is recommended that you participate in the activity with appropriate footwear and clothing appropriate to the weather.

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3D Bogenparcours in Doren

The archery course inspires children who are normally engrossed in their tablets and is also fun for those who don’t get much pleasure out of Sunday walks. Over six to seven hours on the course uphill, downhill, forwards and backwards with a bow and arrow won’t get boring – especially if you outdo mum or dad with a precise shot. Due to the wild and original state of the Dorener Gschlief, sturdy shoes (mountain boots are best) are essential. It is advisable to take enough drinks with you, and insect repellent in summer.

The course is reserved for experienced shooters. Shooters under the age of 18 may only shoot when accompanied by an adult, experienced shooter.

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Junge mit Bogen beim Bogenschießen im Bregenzerwald
Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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