Cheese and whey culture in the Bregenzerwald

The cheese culture in the Bregenzerwald is characterized by a long tradition in which agriculture, animal husbandry and artisanal cheese production intertwine. The connection to nature and the seasons is reflected in the quality and variety of the cheeses, especially the aromatic mountain cheese. The region maintains a balancing act between traditional production methods and modern technologies, while events and festivals celebrate cheese’s importance as a link between community, land and history. This makes the cheese culture in the Bregenzerwald a fascinating example of the combination of heritage and innovation.

Bregenzerwald cheese route

The cheese street, or “KäseStrasse”, in the Bregenzerwald offers holidaymakers the opportunity to explore the rural Alpine region and experience up close how cheese and other dairy products have been made for centuries. The idea of ​​the KäseStrasse came about in 1988 through cooperation between local tourism, agricultural and dairy companies. It aims to strengthen the regional economy and preserve the culture and traditions of local small businesses. The production of high-quality mountain cheese has been an important branch of the economy in the Bregenzerwald for three centuries, both for the self-sufficient farmers and for regional trade. The cheese even became internationally known, thanks to the Appenzell-style preservation, the “cheese barons” exported it as far as Milan.

This is the cheese paradise:

Regale voller Käse im Käsekeller Lingenau
Holzregale mit Bergkäse und Alpenkäse

Dairies in the Bregenzerwald

In 16 valley dairies and around 64 alpine dairies in the Bregenzerwald, experienced alpine dairymen produce mountain and alpine cheese according to old traditions. The milk, which is obtained without silage, is almost entirely processed in the region. This is used to make aromatic mountain cheese, around 80 other regional cheeses, as well as butter and cream. The handmade Bregenzerwald alpine cheese, which is only made in the summer in the Alps, is particularly valuable.

Here you get an overview:

Metzler Naturhautnah Gebäude vom Unternehmen

Metzler cheese, cosmetic and whey products

The Metzler family in Egg manufactures a diverse range of whey products, including cosmetics, soft drinks and bath additives. They use whey and herbs to produce high-quality cosmetics in their modern production hall. On their premises made of concrete, glass and wood, they produce whey care products and natural cosmetics. In 30 years they have transformed a traditional working farm into an award-winning, sustainable operation producing cheese and toiletries. Interested visitors can experience what is happening in the barn, on the farm and in production on guided tours.
The mountain farm is located in the picturesque Bregenzerwald and is surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape. A diverse selection of natural cosmetic products are available both in the farm shop and in the online shop, including hand creams, hair and shower shampoos and lip balms.

Here’s the website:

Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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