Culture in the Montafon

The region has much more to offer than it might appear at first glance. There are also many culturally and artistically enriching experiences to be had in this valley. If you are interested in old legends and stories, immerse yourself in the Montafoner Sagenfestspiele. During the Montafon theater hike “On the Run” you can experience an interactive journey into the past. But concerts of different genres can also be attended. Be inspired by the beauty, history and diversity.

One of the largest open-air theaters in Europe

The Montafon Festival of Legends in the Silbertal is worth seeing, above all because of the open-air stage, which is embedded in the middle of nature. 15 original buildings, from the barn to the church, as well as many natural elements were integrated to present the play as authentically as possible. It is worth mentioning that Montafon dialect words were included in the German-language performance. Incidentally, the dialect is a World Heritage Site, which makes the whole thing even more impressive. The legends are a true cultural asset that you should not miss. Immerse yourself in the world of the Alpine ancestors!

You can purchase tickets here:

Peppino der Alpenmagier c Markus Netzer - Montafoner Sagenfestspiele
Montafoner Sagenfestspiele c Patrick Säly - Montafon Tourismus GmbH Schruns

Legend trail

Ever heard of the “Night Folk of the Silver Valley” or “The Magic of Kuperlari”? If not, it’s time to get to know these old Montafon legends. On the Legends Trail you can combine the legends with a hike. There is no better place to experience these stories up close than in Silbertal, right where these stories were first created.

The hiking trail begins at the St. Agatha chapel on the Kristberg, where you can immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the legends. On the way over the Kristbergsattel you will learn a lot about the Montafon coat of arms. The path continues to the Dalaas Forest, where there is a very special atmosphere. From the Kristbergsattel, via the Silberpfad towards Wildried, it goes to the Kneipp facility “Sieba Brünna”, here you can find out who or what is behind the night people. Arrived at Wildried, you can marvel at a unique alpine moor area, where you will get to know another legend. Further along the Burtschabach it goes past the Litzdamm. The Teufelsbach gives the next legend its name, because that is where the “Silbertaler Tüfili” lives. Now it is only less than 2 km past the Silbertal open-air theater until you arrive back in the village center of Silbertal.


The Kunstforum Montafon (Art Forum Montafon) offers annual summer and winter exhibitions from a wide variety of areas. From acrylic to photography – there is something exciting for everyone. Art seminars are also offered.

Information about the current exhibitions can be found here:

Erdenlicht- Stausee_Bielerhoehe c Stefan Michael Kothner
Auf der Flucht - Theaterwanderung Gargellen Montafon Tourismus (c) Stefan Kothner

On the run

Travel back in time and experience first-hand how people had to experience the horrors of World War II. The play takes place in several places, on the one hand in the Hotel Madrisa, but also on the way in alpine huts and in the open area.

This play was created through witnesses of the time, documents from the past and writers who summarized their experiences of fleeing Germany. This theater hike won the Vorarlberg Innovation Prize in 2016.

You can purchase tickets here:

Montafoner Resonanzen

From August to September it is possible to attend excellent concerts in unusual venues. Talented musicians come together here every year to take guests into a new world of sounds. Pieces from various musical genres are played, from jazz, folk music, chamber music to wind instruments and organ, everything is included. Depending on the style, the concerts are performed at authentic locations.

Tickets can be purchased here:


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