Mountain experiences for families with children

Are you on holiday in the Montafon with your youngest and need a few recommendations?
Very nice, because families with children can experience a lot here! Of course you can also test the classics of the Montafon as a family, but there are even special offers designed for children, so that they can live out their fun and their urge for adventure and action. You will see that at the end of the holiday the little ones will have a lot to tell and fall into bed exhausted. We present our tips to you:

Golmi's research path

Golmi’s research trail starts at the Grüneck mountain station and is approx. 3.5 km long. Since the path is descending, it is very pleasant to walk along it with children. There are opportunities to research, play and relax at 22 adventure stations. Golmi the marmot will guide you through her world and explain in a child-friendly way what the flora and fauna has to offer. You are guaranteed to take one or the other fact worth knowing with you. The research trail is best suited for children aged 6 and over.

You can view the map here:


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Golm Waldrutschenpark (c) Stefan Kothner

Waldrutschenpark Golm

We remember that sliding was one of our favorite activities as a child. The forest slide park is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and should definitely be visited. Because the slides are not only a fun experience for children, adults who are young at heart can also join in the fun, because there are seven large slides, from Matschwitz down to Latschau. Fancy a slide race? That’s possible, because two slides have been built parallel to each other for exactly this purpose.

Minimum age: 4 years

Alpine Coaster

Into the toboggan, get set, go! When you think of the Golm, the Alpine Coaster is often one of the first things that comes to mind. The toboggan run is one of the highlights after a day of hiking. The route is by no means boring: 44 jumps, a 360-degree circle and 15 spectacular 180-degree bends ensure an adventurous descent at 2,600m. How much gas you give is up to you. The sleds of the Alpine-Coaster-Golm are of the highest safety level and are equipped with centrifugal brakes and eddy current brakes, so don’t worry!

Minimum age: 3 years accompanied by an adult
From the age of 8 and a height of 1.40 m you can ride alone.
You can take someone with you from the age of 14.

Alpine-Coaster-Golm im Sommer
Golm Flying Fox (c) Stefan Kothner

Flying Fox

No, you can’t watch foxes fly here, you can slide down a rope or a zipline yourself. The 565 m long steel cable is attached above the Latschau reservoir and lets you experience the feeling of flying with the help of a seat belt and a towing device. So almost like ziplining in playgrounds, only a bit more extreme, because you are at about 47.5 m height. Attention, we are not talking about a leisurely flight, but about an adrenaline-pumping speed of up to 70 km/h. Only suitable for true adventurers.

Minimum weight: 25 kg

Mountain Cart

Go-karting in a different way! With a vehicle, which by the way only has 3 wheels, it goes down a winding forest path. You can set the pace yourself, which means it is just as suitable for racing drivers as it is for those who prefer to take it easy. The trip is definitely the crowning glory of every hiking day and you shouldn’t miss this action trip. Children under 1.35 m can ride with the adults.

Minimum age: from 10 years. Under 14 years only accompanied by an adult supervisor. Minors may only use the fun sports track and rent fun sports equipment with the consent of their legal guardian.


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Abenteuerberg Hochjoch

First climbing experiences

The Hochjoch has a lot to offer for young and old. Even the little ones can playfully discover the world of the Alps and get to know climbing on the motor skills playground. There are various offers for this, including a climbing net, an ice ax and bridges to prepare for the first meters in the mountains.


With the help of a parcours, children can promote their balance by balancing on wobbly stones, supporting beams and tree trunks. There are nets and ropes for the little ones to hold on to to climb the slope safely.

There are also other cool experiences:

On the road with Lamas

“No Drama Lama” – this saying perfectly describes the cuddly animals that live in the mountains, because they let you forget the stress of everyday life for a moment on this tour. Llamero Horst takes you on the trail of the miners. You walk about 4.5 hours from the Innerberg to the Kristberg and back. On the way you will learn a lot about the hairy friends and on the way you will stop to have a tasty refreshment before heading back to Innerberg. The cute lamas are a highlight, especially for children.

Lama Trekking - Montafon Tourismus (c) Andreas Haller

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Silberpfad Kristberg

The Silberpfad Kristberg, which invites you to get to know mining better at twelve varied stations, is perfect for families. The entire trail is 2.7 km long and ends with a large playground where you can let off steam. What is special here is that there is an app with which you can start the adventure right away with exciting information. At the valley station of the Kristbergbahn, at the Kristberg Panoramagasthof and at the Knappastoba, you can download a treasure map to find the lost silver treasure.

Waldseilpark Golm

The Waldseilpark Golm offers eleven different courses for children big and small. From simple adventure tours to dizzying heights of up to 16 meters above the ground. For the little ones there is the “Zwergle Parcours” with a maximum height of one meter. You don’t need any previous knowledge for the forest rope park, because you get a safety training before entering and can immediately put your talent to the test on a practice course. Climbing equipment can be hired on site, sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing are recommended.

Minimum age: Under 10 years of age climbing is only allowed with an accompanying person, from 10 – 14 years of age under supervision and from 14 years of age independent climbing is allowed.

Golm Waldseilpark (c) Stefan Kothner
Bergpferde Vergalden-Sarah-Marent

Bergpferde Vergalden

You can spend a quiet afternoon at the “Bergpferde Vergalden” horse farm in Gargellen. Children’s eyes will shine here! Here you can experience pony rides or guided walks, and the older ones can also go horseback riding through the beautiful Alpine region. Do your children dream of learning to ride a horse? You can also book riding lessons at the Vergalden mountain horse farm. The horse farm also offers the opportunity to spend children’s birthday parties on the farm and thus make the day a unique experience. There is a three-hour stay in the stable, during which you can help clean, prepare the ponies and then ride with the ponies for an hour.

Indoor play world JUFA Gantschier

The JUFA Hotel in the Montafon in Gantschier offers great options, especially for rainy days. The indoor play world “Miar gots körig” is open daily and provides plenty of variety on weather-beaten days. In addition to a large adventure playground, you can let off steam on the obstacle course or on the skywalk, which goes up three floors. Climbing ability can also be improved on the climbing wall, which is 10m high. If you don’t like the height, you have the option of using the sports hall in the basement for gymnastics, ball games or other sporting activities.

Meanwhile, adults can sit back and have a pleasant time at the cafe or restaurant.

Kinderbereich-Jufa c Josef-Walser
Frühlingswiese in Damüls, Vorarlberg
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